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What to do when the plummer says it is so awkward to get at the copper feed pipe to the hot tap that he cannot fix a small leak at either the compression fitting to the tap or the isolation valve

It is the bath I am talking about. The pipe to the
hot tap. Under the bath.

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It can be hard to get to sometimes but sounds to me like he's being lazy. Call an established plumber who will have come across this kind of thing in the past. Might cost a little more but it's not a problem that is unfixable.


Answered 17th Jul 2011

Hi Hellen get another plumber best wishes rigsby


Answered 17th Jul 2011

The easiest way is to stop water to tap and cut pipe below leak and remove tap connector to hot tap and fit a flexible tap connector to join onto existing pipe that was cut below leak. Job done. This should take less than an hour to complete and cost about £55.00 labour and materials.
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Answered 18th Jul 2011

Show him the door


Answered 20th Jul 2011

I i was you i would get another plumber




Answered 21st Jul 2011

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