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How do i remove styrofoam panels that cover most of the ceilings in my home?

I Have never encountered this--and seems I may need a professional.

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Those blobs of adhesive come off very easily if you keep soaking them with hot water .

Answered 15th Jul 2011

Proctor Decorating

Member since 6 Mar 2011

As suggested,just a normal wallpaper scraper will easily remove polystyrene tiles but you may need a stanley blade scraper to remove any adhesive.
More often than not,these tiles were stuck on old original lath & plaster ceilings.
If you have any re-plastering done,make sure they are either over-boarded first or if they are in bad shape,take them down & then not let anyone plaster/re-skim directly onto lath & plaster ceilings.
If by any chance they are plasterboard ceilings,as long as they are good & sound you can re-skim onto these.


Answered 16th Jul 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

The tiles will come off easy enough with a standard wallpaper scraper but the glue is a different matter this is usually solid and the best solution is usually to replaster...... on a couple of occasions I have managed to remove the glue with a steamer but using a steamer upside down on a ceiling comes with its own problems

So I guess what im saying is scrape tiles off and replaster

I hope this helps!!

Answered 14th Jul 2011

HD Design and Build

Member since 13 Jul 2011

oh those things are hideous! just finished a ceiling with them on. I used my trowel (plasterers) to get underneath them and scrape off, using the toe of the trowel.
I suppose it depends on what adhesive was used to stick them up, as it will all vary in strength. I had to go over the whole ceiling again with a scraper to remove the adhesive and little bits before skimming.
Basically use the sharpest flattest piece of metal available, be it a scraper or trowel.

Answered 15th Jul 2011

Staryk Property Contractors Ltd

Member since 23 Jun 2011

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