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Rusting lintel? brown staining - what could it be and who can fix this?

Above my lounge window there is a section which looks like rust. We have filled it and repainted but the brown staining comes through again within 2 weeks. It looks like rust. Is this possible? If so, which trade would I need to contact to get this fixed? If not, then what else could it be? Thanks for your help.

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hi there,
you are quite right, it is rust. I would hazard a guess and say you have had a concrete lintel pre cast insitu with reinforcing bars in. over time if there is any water ingress it will work its way through into the lintel and rust the rebar. this will blow the concrete and only get worse. you need a bricklayer to change the lintel.
hope this has helped


Answered 15th Mar 2014

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