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Damp on wall where chimney removed but stack still in place

I have a semi detached victorian house where my neighbour still has the original chimneys in the house, my chimney has been taken out and the stack is supported by heavy iron bars in the loft. My loft is dry but when it rains I get a damp patch on the wall just below the ceiling upstairs (wall joining next door). My neighbour has an arch in the chimney breast upstairs where they have a washbasin (internal bathroom) with a false ceiling. Both chimneys are capped off.

Any advice on who would be best (ie. builder, roofer, chimney expert) to look at this and help solve it would be appreciated.


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Hi Ollykol the best solution would take chimney below roof line then re cover roof.



Answered 14th Jul 2011

Get a builder in and remove the remaining stack, then tile/slate over.


Answered 16th Jul 2011

hi, i agree with andrew,but also if the chimney is capped off and there are no vents in the breast and flue its self this will cause condesation on the inside of the chimney,perhaps causing damp patches.the air space inside the chimney needds to be vented.
hope this helps.cheers
cjr builders


Answered 16th Jul 2011

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