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Foundation depth for a conservatory on clay soil

This is to have 2 dwarf walls and 1 wall of 6 feet in height what is the minimum depth required for the foundations.

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I would go down a metre, especially if one of the walls is 6ft high.


Answered 15th Jul 2011

HI Wolfy normal depth would be 600mm below finish ground level or till you come across solid ground.

regards Andrew Duncan


Answered 14th Jul 2011

hi, i would get building regulations and let an inspector have a quick look, its not exspensive to serve a regs notice and the inspector will come out as many times as you want.
you have a good apponioin from a construction proffesional then.
hope this helps
cjr builders


Answered 16th Jul 2011

a good 700mm depth for this foundation


Answered 14th Jul 2011

foundations in clay sound be a minimum of 1 metre deep, this is required to allow for any shrinkage or heave of the ground.


Answered 15th Jul 2011

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