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Timber lintel is rotted at one end. it spans two windows on first floor. does it need replacing or repairing and if replacing which type do i use?

The roof is clay pantiles, so quite a lot of weight and the water tank in the loft rests on joists which also bear on the lintel. I need to remove the masonry pillar between the two existing windows in order to fit one new window. The Lintel is 2680x155x75. I've propped up the lintel as there's no support at the rotted end

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You have two options:
1 : You can replace with a concrete or steel lintel making sure its bearing on solid brick/block by at least 150mm either end.
2 : It could be repaired by means of cutting affected rotten end off and doing a Timber resin repair.But your timber does`nt really have the depth and girth to do this.

I would go for removal and reinstate a new lintel.



Answered 13th Jul 2011

hi the best option is to remove wooden lintel and replace with suitable concrete pre cast lintel( 150mm x 150mmm ) on which your local building control can give this information or a local engineer my .



Answered 14th Jul 2011

Really it should not be timber, I would accro the joists to relieve the load and replace with a RSJ size should really be calculated by a structural engineer............ All of these works should have been run past your local building control officer, 9 times out of ten they will tell you what is required

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Answered 13th Jul 2011

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