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What would be a good extractor fan to get for a bathroom with no external walls?

I live on the ground floor and have two bathrooms with ectractor fans. There are no external walls. I need to get a new extractor fan as the ones I have are very old. Currently, they hang from the ceiling. What fans would you recommend to get and do I get an electrician to fit it? Thank you

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A good fan to install in bathrooms is a airflow icon 15


Answered 13th Jul 2011

I agree the icon is a good fan but a bit pricey. As for fitting if you have the know how fit it yours self but if your not sure what your doing best leave it to a pro.
Good luck


Answered 15th Jul 2011

Given the ductwork run involved, the fan should almost certainly be a centrifugal rather than axial design. The quality of the ductwork should also be taken into account. If it looks like a concertina (most builders use this because it's so cheap and simple to install), it will have the twice the resistance of rigid, smooth ductwork. If there any bends in the ductwork then these will likely have even more influence.
Envirovent manufacture a range of Centrifugal Fans, some award-winning but there's always someone to talk to and give you specific advice as to which will be best for you.
Cheap fans run out of oomph very quickly.
Try this cheap and cheerful test. See if it can grip a postcard. If it does then you probably don't need to replace it.


Answered 1st Nov 2011

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