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Lead flashing over bedroom window appears to be the source of leak

several resolutions have so far failed. the french doors in my lounge have 10ins pillars either side, the rain runs down inside the pillar cavities and obviously it finds it's level on the floor and carpet the non stop rain has not helped. the builder tried to find where it was coming from by holding a hose on the lead ledge cementing weep holes saying this was my problem but still it is coming in. i am now desperate.

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It sounds to me that the lead flashing is not suitable for what you require, flashing is not the ultimate fix to every solution.

The flashing easily cracks when dry and normal sealant will not work as well.

You need to have proper lead set into the mortar of the bricks and overlapping the pillars perhaps?

It's hard to answer everything on here as i have not seen your property and physical situation of your problem.

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Answered 27th Feb 2015

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