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What is the best way to fix brick leakage?

When there is heavy rain I have water coming though the exterior wall into the bedroom under the window seal. The wall is covered in the damp from the window seal to the skirting. I’m worried this may go down to the next level. However, there is a ground floor kitchen extension on the exterior. Will this prevent the water moving downloads and coming though elsewhere?

Someone mentioned that I should paint the exterior wall with a water repellent, will this do the trick? Or will the water travel elsewhere to get in?

I’m not sure if I have cavity walls which I think you the experts might mention. How would I check if I have cavity walls?

Also, I live in a mid terrace not sure if this impacts things.

Thanks in advance.

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It may also be the re-pointing, in my opinion it may be best to re-point then use the water seal, which will allow the water to run straight of the brickwork and not soak it up like a sponge. If you require any further help feel free to get in touch.

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Sean Warrington

Answered 12th Jul 2011

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If water is penetrating the external fabric you need to look at the seal around the said window! Are there cracks/mastic missing or is it a timber frame that is rotten and allowing driving rain to enter and run down the wall?
Your friend is correct there are waterproof chemicals used to seal the external fabric and stop rain from penetrating and still allowing the property to breathe.BUT you still need to find the weak point,also look at the pointing! Is it falling out or blown?

To determine if its a cavity or not:
Have a look at the brick pattern and if you are looking at the bricks all layed length ways"Stretchers" then its a cavity! Unless its a 4" ,,But if as you say your mid terrace and in the upper level it wont be 4".
If bricks are layed Length ways"stretchers" then alternating width ways"Headers" then its of solid construction.
Also it does`nt hurt to get a tape measure out and measure the depth of wall! Some cavity`s range from 25mm upto 75mm so with this in mind a 9" wall is 225mm excluding external render(if any)and internal plaster.

Also you said you have a kitchen below!
Water will always keep going in a downward fashion as it needs to go somewhere,be carefull you dont end up with a wet ceiling below(wet rot) and more expence.

Good Luck.


Answered 12th Jul 2011

Cannon Preservation Ltd

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