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Would we best installing two under sink instant water heaters and instant shower and keep the night storage or something else? we want to get rid of the tanks as space is an issue. thank you

2 bed flat 3rd floor . No gas. Hot and cold water tanks. Old night storage heaters Cold water fed washer and dishwasher.

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Hi, You can get instantaneous water heaters that can do multi appliances, sink, basin, shower etc. or hole house capacity heater which would do bath also. With alterations to the pipework to connect the Mains Water to the Gravity system it could be done. Also depending on what cost for the work you had in mind and how desperate you need the space. A figure of nearly £700-800 inc heater would not be far off.


Answered 13th Jul 2011


I hope you are getting enough help and free without any binding...

You don't have gas and therefore you got night off peak feed system which helps keep your storage heater charges (if good in health and not too old) and also your immersion tank...If you use instantaneous heater which comes more than 9KW for good hot water flow rate this will drain day time electricity as this will be connected to your day rate electricity supply...

every hour of use will drain 9 unit ( @ 25 to 38 p per unit ) on your account and if you use every day few hours you will see your electricity bill from £1100 for the year to £1700 ...

On top off your system modification cost!!! think again if you really can make that space in to real big change in your daily life!!

If it’s my own flat...i won’t change to this type of heater...better you may change tank with two immersion coil that one will heat up during night with 10 or 18 p per unit!!

All the best!


Answered 1st Oct 2011

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