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Insulation between floors and walls

I am renovating my house. I was wondering what is the best insulation material to use between floors and walls (the walls are next to bathrooms) (1) for insulation of heat and (2) sound proofing? Is rockwool the best?

Lastly, I will be converting the loft but as the roof pitch is high (5.2metres) there will be space for a mini loft above the converted loft space which will be used for storage. What is the best way to insulate the mini loft?

With all this insulation in place what consideration do I need to give with regards to ventilation? The house will be over 4 floors in total the renovation (this includes the ground floor) and there will be a total of 3 bathrooms and 1 toilet room.

Thanks in advance.

2 Answers from MyBuilder Insulation Installers

Dear Sir the most the lost heat appending true the walls if the are solid you should have mould and condensation especially in the Kitchen and bathroom, the best is to insulated
external walls to save any internal works, the loft need approx 250mm of loft insulation to stop heat lose, the are many web site were the explain the External Wall Insulation


Answered 27th Jan 2015

The best insulation is celotex rigid insulation for floor and walls or you get acoustic insulation for sound , loft areas are 270mm Rockwool is fine for that, if the house has a breathable membrane on the roof ventilation should be ok but you can fit a few vent tiles to help
Hope this helps


Answered 5th Feb 2018

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