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Mortar colour when building with london stock bricks

I'm building a pizza oven the back yard and want to get a mortar colour to match the bricks I'm using (and the house). Can anyone advise how you get a buff coloured mortar like all the houses round here seem to be? I doubt it's dye as they were built in 1800! I've read a few things about snowcrete, more sand or using lime but nobody seems to have a decent answer. Any builders made extensions in the local area and care to tell me how they did it?

Many thanks!


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I would say, try a sample first of yellow builders sand with white cement, snowcrete and lime.
A lot will depend on the sand and ratios mixed at, best to try a few samples and see what it drys out like, then adapt to suit.
Failing that you can get a lime mortar colour matched by the suppliers, ie Trad-Lime.


Answered 9th Jul 2011

you need to gauge the mortar precisly .the gauge is 6 shovels of soft sand 1shovel of lime and 1of cement.the shovel needs to be full up with the same amounts of each ingrededient.


Answered 15th Jul 2011

If it was built in the 1800's it will be lime mortar and not need some lime putty, hydraulic lime (not hydrated) and a mix of sharp and soft will tell you the mix ratios on the back of the lime bag...3-1 if I remember correctly, I always add a trowel full of lime putty to plasticise it. Make sure you wear protective clothing and especially eye protection....especially with the lime putty!!,if you were to put your foot in a tub overnight by the morning all that will remain will be warned.


Answered 22nd Jul 2011

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