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Dodgy claims from a national double glazing company?

Hi there,

I had a visit from a national double glazing company on the weekend and I just wanted to check the validity of some of the ‘facts’ he quoted to me. They may be true but you just never know!

1. Our window sills are under 80cm and we would therefore need reinforced glass in them. This was also true for the windows in the porch but for a different reason that I forget.

2. ‘A’ rated windows are often quoted at cheaper prices but that’s because the frames are not also ‘A’ rated so you are getting a lower quality product. I read somewhere that when it comes to ratings both the glass and the frame are taken into account but am not sure.

3. I would need scaffolding despite it being UPVC that we want fitting. I thought these were fitted from the inside but in giving the benefit of the doubt until I am told otherwise it is possibly something to do with removing the aluminium frames that are currently in situ…?

Normally I would go directly to an independent business to carry out work in the house and I am most likely to go down that route. However, if this chap is spinning lines I would like to be able to respond when he returns on Wednesday with his finished quote. On that front he banded round a price of c.£12k: this is for 10 windows (6 of which are large at 2.5m*1.5m), 1 composite door, 1 UPVC door and the two windows in the porch. To save on cost we requested that none of the windows have small window openings within them, they are all full length where needed. Seems steep to me but I will let you be the judges!

One last thing but I have made an assumption that new sills are included in the price but is this something that is usually quoted as extra?

Any advice is much appreciated!

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Use a local window firm, big companies got big over heads and they will be stupidly over priced on their quotes. Also the guy is clearly a salesman and not a tradesman, clearly working on commission. Also if it's the company I'm thinking of, they supply smaller firms with the same windows at a trade price and use sub contractors as fitters. Find a local firm guarantee they will be cheaper and the same quality available.


Answered 3rd Feb 2014

Hi, i can only confirm the previous responder. The easy way to get things validated to find a local small business and ask for a quote. They will quote you for the windows (including sills) and you will end up with the same or better quality than with the big firm and you can compare the price too.


Answered 4th Feb 2014

Under 800mm glass must be tough glass.
Same with the porch any glass with in 300mm of a door (including door sash) must be tough glass.
A-rating is the overall rating of frame and glass. The new windows will come with a w.e.r certificate. With the individual window ratings on it.
Scaffolding would need a survey for a true comment.

12k is way over the odds for your needs.

Hope this helps


Answered 8th Oct 2014

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