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Understanding damp meter readings

Hi, I'm having difficultly in a flat I'm privately renting from damp issues, possibly condensation but after doing everything (heating, ventilating, dehumidifiers etc) not solving the issue, so I have just purchased a 4-pin damp meter.

Sadly it has no instructions on how to interpret the readings and searching the net seems to leave to leave me confused although I did read this somewhere:

Normal (< 10% to 16%), attention required (16 - 20%) and Action required (20-28%).

Is that accurate and how would this testing equipment really fair on walls?

I have taken a few readings with the walls I'm concerned about and it ranges from 20 - 26% even from top to bottom, I took a reading in a room not so bad at around 10-12% top to bottom.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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any moisture content above 16% reading is considered damp.
Most meters are fairly accurate now,even the cheaper ones.

It seems to me you have risig damp.


Answered 17th Feb 2014

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