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Mimimum depth of hardcore and tarmac required for residential drive

I am currently in dispute with my builder who has laid our tarmac drive but doesn't seem to conform to the basic measurements I have seen on other websites. The hardcore is no more than 2 inches and the first layer of tarmac is about the same pending the final layer of about an inch to complete the job. Are these layers acceptable and reasonable? The drive has been layed on bare earth.

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150mm sub base
70mm of 20mm binder course
30mm wearing course
we have 20 yrs expierience in the tarmac industry


Answered 25th Feb 2016

Excavation of 200 to 230mm followed laying a geotextile membrane. You should than have a minimum of 150mm type 1 laid and compacted in at least two layers of 75mm each. Then in your case a 50mm base layer of tarmac followed by a 25mm wearing course should be fine.

2 inches of base is no where near enough and if he thinks it is I would be telling where to go as quick as possible


Answered 24th Jan 2014

I don't do tarmacking but my thoughts are that any drive needs 150mm (6 inches) type 1 hardcore as a base! I use 100mm when I do paving so 50mm is nowhere near enough for a drive!!


Answered 21st Jan 2014

shouldn't imagine it will look good for long as he goes galloping off into the sunset


Answered 21st Jan 2014

150mm MOT Type 1
70mm of 20mm binder course
30mm wearing course we recommend 6mm SMA to reduce the scuffing affect of power steering
we have 20 yrs expierience in the tarmac industry


Answered 29th Mar 2017

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