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New pvc door lock broken and cannot take cylinder lock out

Hi, I have had a new pvc door and the lock is broken. I am trying to take the cylinder lock out to replace it but it doesn't seem to be coming out, even though I have taken the screw out that should release it. Please help as I can only lock my door from the outside and not the in. Thank you, Amanda

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You need to put in the key and line up the barrel so it will come out. The easiest way to understand what this means is to look at your replacement cylinder, the barrel needs to be in line with the cylinder.


Answered 20th Jan 2014

It might also be added security added on to the cylinder. Some have a anti snap bracket added behind the handles which require an Alan key to remove it. It could also be you handles are pinning the cylinder in place. Remove the handles and line up the cam as in previous messages then it should slide out.
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Answered 2nd Jul 2016

Hi yes, as previous answer it's a case of putting in the key to line up the middle part with the rest of the barrel. Just look at the locks you see in the shops and you will know what we mean.
In addition to that, the lock may be symmetrical so you will need to check the size from each handle to the centre screw to get the right size.
New lock packaging shows this.


Answered 23rd Jan 2014

Do not panic, you will need to put the key in the lock and turn it a quarter turn to enable the cam to align with the body of the cylinder. Try not to force it as you could cause damage to the gear box.


Answered 21st Dec 2017

Hi when you have some free time pick up a Philips (+ point) screwdriver. Open the door and look at the edge of the door between outer lock and inner lock, you'll see a screw lined up between them. There maybe many screws but this one will be much longer than the others.
Remove it.
Then turn you key to the 1 o'clock position and remove the lock. Next remove your handles if still no joy, again using your screw driver but probably x2/4 screws.
Try the process again. Lubricant ing fluid would help, such as GT85 or similar.
Failing all these options you can slightly unscrew your multi point locking system along the door edge if you have one but only a little to allow movement but do not remove the screws totally. You can then wiggle to free it from any pinch point inside. Alot of good advice above to reflect on, good luck and take your time.


Answered 16th Mar 2018

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