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New gas fire installation (back boiler and gas fire previously removed)

I had a Baxi back boiler and a gas fire in the living room and both had been removed. The opening of the fire place blocked with some stud work and plastered.
I am planning to install a new fire place and a gas fire at the same place. The metal flue liner still in place with a cowling on top of chimney above the roof. Also I've noticed that the concrete tile on top of the chimney broken on the edge.
Can anyone advise me how I should go about it please.


Sorry, to answer to Fereli's reply all work carried out by a gas safe engineers company fitting new combi in the kitchen and remove back boiler and fire and cap the supply etc.
I am not going to install the new fire place and fire and connect to gas etc.
Just need some advice how to go about.
Many thanks.

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Sorry Donny,
As a gas engineer I cannot possibly be seen to offer you advice when it comes to you doing your own gas work. I could potentially be liable should something go wrong.

Never assume - always get a Gas Safe registered engineer to check the situation and to carry out the works

Kind Regards


Answered 25th Jan 2014

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