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I want to extend into the loft of my bungalow. the outer walls are built on a pyramid of bricks that sits directly on the clay. will the building inspector pass this

What would be the cost implications if the inspector said this was not suitable

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I would have to say probably not without modification of the existing footings. Foundations on clay are usually considered one of the more difficult materials on which to build. Due to its properties, clay retains water at its surface due to its density not allowing water to soak into and through it and is also very soft causing slipping and sinking. Normally a single story building built on clay would require footings twice the depth and width and in extreame circumstances more than most standard foundations built on more suitable grounds (Foundations/footings are the concrete base below ground on which a structure is built upon at ground level). The foundations for your existing property might be adequate, but current regulations based on the information you have provided would most probably not support any extension in height/weight or width to the property. I myself would get an inspection done on the existing foundations before any works were carried out.


Answered 5th Jul 2011

Theres absolutely no reason why the inspector would a) check exsisting footings for a dormer etc in to your roof or b) why there should even be an issue with corbeled footings on clay. The only way to be sure is to ask, i would bet he wont even bat an eyelid when you mention it
Good luck


Answered 29th Jan 2012

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