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Can a new boiler be installed in a detached garage?

I am having a new gas meter fitted to the front of a 3 bedroom semi detached house and had initially planned to have a gas boiler installed in the loft to save space in the house. However, I would ideally like to avoid having gas pipes running from the meter at the front of the house up to the loft (either directly up or around the side and up), therefore am considering wether it's feasible to channel the gas supply underground from the meter at the front of the house to a boiler in the garage at the side of the house. Would then channel the gas and hot water from the garage into the house for the central heating and gas hob.

Does anyone have any experience of this (particularly if you're in the Chelmsford, Essex area)? Or any general advice as to whether it feasible (in particular re insulation against cold/frost/etc) and cost effective (have had quite expensive quotes to get gas supply from meter up to loft and back down)?

Any advice gratefully received!

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Yes, it is possible to install the boiler in the garage with the pipes running underground. This would have to be done in accordance with regulations. Also, a frost protection device needs to be fitted in the garage to avoid the pipes freezing up. The pipes would be insulated also.

I recently carried out a similar installation but, to give you a precise solution to this, a visit would be needed to carry out a full site survey.


Answered 9th Jul 2011

Frost,, You realy need to get a gas safe engineer in to take a look at this, i've done this job many times and it's not a problem to do but you can't see what you need to through the internet whereas an engineer will spot things you may miss when looking at your project.. Lee Our Plumber (East Yorkshire)


Answered 17th Jul 2011

Yes it is possible subject to certain regulations such as venting for the boiler (exterior wall) and also the way the pipes are run.

But yes it is possible a site visit would be needed to confirm this though.


Answered 6th Jul 2011

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