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Poorly fitted windows - what to do next?

Had a really bad window fitter fit new upvc windows and they just put some upvc facias around the window to hide the space between the window edge and the wall. Surely this means in the winter we will lose heat through these gaps? Is the correct course of action to plaster up to the edge of the window?

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The norm in the window replacement industry is to use clocking fillet or if needed larger trims. This sounds like this is what you have, so far so good. However, the gap should be filled not open and also the windows need to be sealed both inside and out. The uPVC trim also needs to be sealed with stelmax not silicone as this will just get dirty in time. If the windows were fitted so bad as you seem to infer did you pay them is so why?

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Steve Miller


Answered 12th Jan 2014

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