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Do i need planning permission for chimney breast removal? does the stack need rsj support?

I currently have a builder in to remove a chimney breast from a party wall in both my living room and bedroom. He started from the bottom up, (which I questioned as I assumed he would start in the roof, supporting the chimney stack and work his way down). When I asked him about planning permission he became quite angry and intimidating stating that I didn't need it.
My concerns are:
Do I need planning permission (I know it's a bit late now he's started but I think I need it)?
There is no support to the chimney stack at all. Do I need an RSJ?
In the ground floor ceiling he screwed a joist 'framework' to the existing joists (with 8 screws) and put chipboard over it until I demanded he support the framework to the wall and he put some kind of steel straps in but plastered over it before I could see what he had done.
He hasn't treated the old soot on the wall, (although he said he was going to PVA it) I'm concerned that the soot will seep through the plasterboard which he has dot and dabbed on.
I'm concerned that I have a builder who doesn't know what he's doing, help please!!!

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It is always advisable to ask building control/building inspector on any building issue if you have doubts, it can normally be done on the phone without a visit from them but they will always come out free of charge if they think it necessary. The chimney breast in the loft should always be supported by a small rsj or concrete lintel depending on the load from the chimney, I would always take all the breast down and stack and repair the roof to alleviate any problems. Soot is very difficult to remove completely and there are products on the market that can certainly stop this coming through. If you have any doubt contact building control and get a visit from a inspector to put your mind at rest


Answered 11th Jan 2014

Your builder is completely clueless I'm afraid. I would show him the door immediately.


Answered 12th Jan 2014

This type of work would usually be subject to a party wall agreement and have the involvement of building control. You should contact your local council and seek advise from them - asap!!!
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Answered 12th Jan 2014

We specialise in major structural work. On removal of a Brest you will need a party wall agreement and building regulations and calculations. Flues should Be supported was Chimney breast aI is been removed and your hearth should be removed as it will only be compactd to take its own load therefore you will need double trimmers to take the load supported by jiffy’s. And then install Steels @ 152x152x37kg. This detail will comply with building control. P. M. C.


Answered 20th Jun 2020

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