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We have a dolphin thermostat shower bar but for some reason have no hot water now can it be fixed or do we need a new shower please. regards irene

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Dolphin ? sounds like you need a new thermostatic cartridge , find out what shower it is , I would imaging that the manufacture is Aqualisa but as Dolphin bathrooms have the buying power they have there own branding on the unit . have a look at there website and see if you can match your unit , they are a very good company as they stock parts for there showers made from the 70's but i imagine you will require a plumber to fit the cartridge as they can be a pain especially in a hard water area and if there isnt independent isolation valves fitted to the shower it may mean draining your tanks down.


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

I agree with East Quay regarding your shower. It is more than likely that its just the cartridge. An alternative to draining down the tanks though is to get the plumber to rubber bung the outlet of the cold tank and isolate the hot in the airing cupboard providing you have a gravity fed system. If you have a combination boiler then all you have to do is turn off the stop tap but make sure you turn the boiler off first. :)
Good luck and i hope you get it sorted.
Carl Baker Plumbing & Heating


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

Hi there,get a good plumber to give it a good clean out first as it may be just a blocked filter....Brian


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

sounds like a thermo cartridge. if its dolpnin you should be able to get new part.


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

phone dolphin up if its a dolphin shower. dont bother wil aqualisa....bargain basement showers im afraid


Answered 6th Mar 2011

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