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Crack in bedroom ceiling after loft room boarded

Hi, we have recently had our loft boarded and the beams were allegedly re-enforced to support the room. My husband and I have noticed a large crack in our bedroom ceiling and are concerned as we don't remember it being there before the 'conversion'. I have tried to contact the joiner who completed the work but am being ignored which is nice!
Any advice on whether I should be concerned would be appreciated. The crack is approx 2 or 3mm wide and nearly stretches the length of the bedroom (approx) 12ft long.
Many thanks

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When you say loft boarded are you talking about the floor area being boarded or the whole loft being plaster boarded also? If it is the floor only, the only way existing ceiling joist can be reinforced is to have larger joists fixed to the old joists, but the end of the new joists must be installed into supporting walls or between rsj that have been designed by a structural engineer, which is known as a floating floor. If the boards have been put down on the existing joists, which may only be 75mm x 75mm if it is an older property, they were never designed to carry much weight and would need supporting correctly.

hope this helps.


Answered 25th Mar 2014

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