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I have this old d-i-y conservatory that needs a great deal of work done. is it worth doing? or should i pull it down and have one built from scratch?

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Who could possibly say without looking at it and considering the pro's and con's. We'd be happy to come and have a look and give you two quotes - one for remedial works to the existing conservatory and one for a replacement. Our quotes are free and we're usually very competitive on price.

Best of Luck

Dave Woolhouse


Answered 1st Jul 2011

Well you could end up pumping money into a bottomless pit trying to put right all the defects. Especially if its just a basic DIY one. False economy really.
Catch 22 situation really. More return on your money to have a new one installed, which would also be up to Build Regs in so far as Thermal Elements etc....
Obviously a new one will initially cost that much more.
However it would be more of a maintenance issue with regard the old conservatory, so in the long run you may end up paying more just to keep it from rotting away or falling apart if its uPVc....
Good luck with the outcome.


Answered 1st Jul 2011

I agree with the good advice from NLC.
Pull it down and have a new one fitted.


Answered 1st Jul 2011

You may consider pulling it down and NOT building a new one!
Maybe just build a roof over for a dry area. Depends how useful the secure area is.
Bates Carpentry


Answered 2nd Jul 2011

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