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Running water out of wet room area

I had a wet room made from an existing downstairs bathroom, concrete floor.
My husband did a lot of the work and he put down a tilux pre former for concrete floor, we insulated all the walls and tanked the floor and walls as recommended. Then we handed it over to the tiler, who said he had made wet rooms using cement etc so we thought he was ok, he and his daughter tiled the whole of the bathroom but I'm not sure who did the wet area in mosaics. I had to get them back 3 times as they didn't put in the drain cover and tile to it, they tiled on early over it, then some grout disappeared under the tiles, then the grout was a different colour where they had fixed the drain area.
I left it 2 weeks to settle and had a shower. The water run along the back wall/floor, around the W.C. and puddled in the middle of the floor.
I ordered a glass panel and had it fixed. Now the water hits the panel and runs down the panel towards the open area of the wet room and again puddles in the middle of the floor and if left runs behind the door. I contacted the tiler and he suggested I get a metal door strip and fix it on the tiles to stop the water.
I also have underfloor heating and I haven't used it as I'm scared. It's obvious the water isn't draining quickly enough, is the tiler at fault here? My husband checked the level of the former very carefully before it was tiled and it was spot on.
He's a joiner so he's used to checking levels. The gradient wasn't that much though.
The mosaics can't be lifted it will rip the membrane, has anyone any ideas?
I'm so so gutted that after putting all that work in and it taking nearly a year to complete, added to the overall cost of £2000 plus, the water runs away across the floor.


THANK YOU for the replies, yes I'm inclined to agree it's the tilers fault, yes my husband fitted the drain and if I remember it takes 18 litres a minute away, so if the gradient was maintained it would run into the drain.
I'm going to ask the tiler to come back( he's an aquaintance of my husbands) and ask him to take the shower era tiles back up and redo it, it will rip the former no doubt , the trouble is the edge of the former has an overlap of plastic membrane , factory fitted and this goes up the walls on 2 sides and is taped then tanked, so the wall tiles would have to come off too.
Oh what a mess!

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A couple of points.
You say it's obvious the water is not draining quickly enough, but as I understand it your husband must have put in the drain prior to laying the former for the shower base.
You say the water is puddling from the sound of it outside the shower area. A wet room floor, it's critical to get the levels 100% right, no second chances and when I have laid these areas the floor, I lay absolutely perfectly flat with a slight fall toward the shower former so any water will gravitate toward the drain.
If you have a puddle, it's laid wrong (no exceptions).
If you have water travelling toward the door, it's laid wrong (no exceptions).
If I had done a job like this for a customer, I would expect to have to take it up and do it again.

Answered 2nd Jan 2014

kevin cassidy building contractors

Member since 16 Dec 2010

In my opinion the tiler is at fault. Being a wet room, the tiler should have checked all the falls were correct and falling to the drain and away from the door. There is no excuse for the tiler saying "put a metal strip across the door". There should not be any puddling, I would call the tiler back and tell him to put it right.

Answered 2nd Jan 2014

A. G. Fright Tiling Specialist

Member since 28 Feb 2011

Wetrooms are notoriously difficult to tile. You have to be spot on with your levels with a slight fall towards the drain. Have been to see a few botched wet room jobs, when I explain it will need to come up and be done again generally the people go white. In my opinion the tiler should be held responsible for the repair. Good luck

Answered 6th Jan 2014

Park Plumbing & Tiling

Member since 16 Nov 2010

Miss judgement to blame some one else.
Construction of each layer .and drain completed.
Should have left tyle and grout
I would take work. Back up
Restart. ..

Answered 3rd Mar 2018

DJA Building Services

Member since 17 Nov 2017

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