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Popcorn ceiling and possible asbestos?

Before posting a job request to try to get rid of a number of popcorn ceilings, should I take a sample myself and send it for asbestos testing? Or would the person doing the work carry this out?

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Go to,click on asbestos products ,then artex asbestos this will give you info, do not scrape artex, plaster over to seal in if dated after 1980 then there will no asbestos in the artex.we specialise in plastering over artex give us a call

Answered 29th Jun 2011

Trident Damp

Member since 26 May 2011

The options available to you are to either get a fresh coat of paint over the existing asbestos paint without disturbing the previous paint, or getting rid of the asbestos containing popcorn ceiling and getting the ceiling repainted.

The first option is very risky, and in most of the states in the US, it is illegal to repaint a popcorn ceiling containing asbestos because rolling or spraying of paint over the old asbestos containing paint could dislodge and release asbestos fibers into the air.

The second option of getting rid of the asbestos containing popcorn ceiling and getting the ceiling repainted should not be done by you. The health risks involved in this are high. Even if you decide to get it done yourself you will have to take precautionary measures that will include using a respirator fitted with a HEPA filter, specified disposable clothing and glasses. You will then be required to dispose off all the asbestos containing debris in a suitable manner as specified by your county / state.

It is advisable to let a professional agency remove the asbestos containing popcorn ceiling and repaint it. They are trained and will make sure that neither is the environment in / around your home contaminated with asbestos fibers after the job is over. Disposal of all asbestos containing waste matter too will be taken care of by them as per the existing rules and regulations.

Getting a professional agency to remove your asbestos containing popcorn ceiling will be a very expensive affair, but considering the health risks involved in doing it yourself, it is surely worth it.

Answered 29th Jun 2011

GPG home improvement limited

Member since 16 Apr 2011

You need to have it tested unless unless you retain the services of a
registered asbestos specialist

Answered 30th Jun 2011

Tradesman Decorators Nottm/Wirral

Member since 25 Sep 2008

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