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New consumer unit installed and "survey schedule and test report bs 7671 2001" certificate issued - part p electrician says he wont notify the council - should he?

unsure if i have a problem here or not.

Mortgage retention for electrics. list as follows:

no rcd protection
main tails too small
main earth too small
no bonding to water
only socket in kitchen, spur off another socket
no switches on sockets

I'm assuming that for the retention to be released the mortgage surveyor will be looking for all paperwork to be correct.

I had a recommended (by two friends) electrician come in and install a 17th edition consumer unit, upgrade tails and earth bond, install a new ring for kitchen and a spur for the cooker.

I'm aware some work is notifiable and i believe in my case thats the CU and the kitchen work. What i dont know is what that entails and by who. I had a conversation with the electrician prior to works and he said he wouldnt normally notify unless it was a full re-wire. I told him at that time that i needed it notifying and he agreed to do so.

Installation happened and i was left with an invoice, and a "Ethos survey schedule and test report" "BS 7671 2001" this is signed and dated by the electrician and includes his part P number. it details he installed CU, bond and new ring/spur including the test results of each circuit off the unit.

I've recently had a boiler and central heating installed. I recieved shortly after that a letter from BC to say they'd been notified, i didnt get involved in this at all, it was all done by the plumber.

Given the above, before i call BC and 'put my foot in it' what should i be expecting and what should i be doing. Can i do the notifying, does the electrician need to do anything, do i have the necissary paperwork and am i likely to have any problems?

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Hi, your electrician should be registered with one of the electrical certification schemes such as NIC, ELECSA or NAPIT.
When he has completed the work he should notify whichever body he isa member of with details of all work carried out.

They then notify the local building control and issue you with a certificate which usually arrives a week to 2 weeks after completion.

If you have not had a certificate through the post then the electrician has not notified so your installation is not legal and should any problems arise your insurance company could wriggle out of paying etc.

Try to get the electrician to give you the name of the organisation he is affilliated to and contact them directly with your worries.

I feel that he is not registered though as his paperwork is out of date.

Hope this has helped a little


Answered 28th Jun 2011

He should be entering a certificate that covers all the work he has carried out! Yes he should notify them that the work has been done to allow you to know it is done by a qualified electrician! If you were to ask him to notify building control surely he would if not why not? That would make the alarm bells ring! And it should be 2008 bs7671 as 2001 is old regulations.

I hope this helps



Answered 28th Jun 2011

Hi, if your electrian was part p registered then he will have notified his governing body (ELECSA, NICICE, NAPIT or the like), he is required to! You should have recieved a installation certificate from his governing body (this may take a few weeks). If you have this certificate then the local authority will have been notified and you need do nothing. If not then contact the govering body to see if it has been reported, sometimes sparks are very busy and they have 20 days to report a job. As far as you are concerned you employed a registered electrian to do the job so check with the spark first if no joy governing body then i'm sure you,ll get an answer.
Hope this has been of help.
Ed Haynes.


Answered 28th Jun 2011

Good morning

The fuse board change and the kitchen ring main and bonding and cooker circuit should all be notified to building control!!

This is a must for teh Part P certficate

The Electrician deffinatly needs to do this,

All of the work he has carried out is notifiable!

Hope this helps

Daniel Evans
DJE Electrical Services


Answered 28th Jun 2011

Are you shure him is part "P" approved? Did you ask him any confirmation of that before work starts, your friends recomendations doesn't mean him has qualification. Most householders never ask traders any confirmation and in worse case paying all money before work starts.
And about your cooker spur, it should be separate radial circuit.


Answered 28th Jun 2011

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