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I have fitted architrave with adhesive and lost heads but forgot to leave a 5-10mm gap between the liner how do i fit hinges without cutting the architrave or tacking it off many thanks

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Oops! Looks like you have two options. You could use flush hinges, or I am afraid you will have to do it again.
Charlie . Bates Carpentry

Answered 28th Jun 2011

Bates Carpentry and Building

Member since 23 Jun 2011

you will not be able to cut out your hinges' without cutting into your architrave' so you will have to remove them and refit.

Answered 28th Jun 2011

doc carpentry services

Member since 11 Apr 2011

yeah oops indeed. i think the best thing to do is take it back off and do it properly. if its only on one door way surly its not a huge job. just use a wide thin chisel to prise it back off. The architrave will be too small now too to touch the floor so either buy a new set of architrave or fill the gap at the bottom with caulk cilicone or wood filler. good luck: )

Answered 28th Jun 2011

S.A.W PARSONS Carpentry & Joinery

Member since 22 Apr 2010

If you get regular 3" hinges they should still fit because they usually have a slight return on one side. I have fitted hinges when the client has had doors like this and it should not create any problems.

A2Z property maintenance

Answered 28th Jun 2011

A2Z Property Maintenance

Member since 16 Jun 2011

I agree with Bates Carpentry you will have to take architrave off & refix it, because I would not recomend using flush hinges on internal doors as they are not strong enough (ideal for cupboard doors)

Regards Joe JOF Carpenters & Conractor

Answered 28th Jun 2011

Jof Carpenters & Contractor

Member since 30 Mar 2011

I agree with Charlie. The best thing here though is you won't do it again will you!
There is another option other than re-doing it or using flush hinges. If you use normal butt hinges (pretty standard for internal doors). Instead of rebating them 50/50 into the doorcase and the door, you could rebate them fully into the door, so the hinge sits proud by 3 or 4mm (1/8th ish). This 1/8th equates to the gap left between the door and doorcase. Then fix the hinges onto the doorcase without rebating them and it should be ok.
I must say though, it's not a great way of doing it, but would get you out of a pickle in something like a student house!
The old saying "measure twice - cut once" also applies to fixing things!

Best of Luck!

Dave Woolhouse
Apex Builders

Answered 28th Jun 2011


Member since 28 Jan 2010

Hi, we agree with Bates above i'm afraid. If the job has to look right then you will need to remove and refit with new architrave to the head ( as this will be short ).
If the job is a quick fix then you may be able to to remove the door stops and set the door back to allow you to chop the hinge into the lining without touching the architraves, Hang the door first then refit the door stops. Note: you will need to move the latch/lock keep aswell.
In short, the best and most successful way is to simply redo the architraves.
Hope this helps.

Answered 28th Jun 2011

Holbex Design Limited

Member since 21 Oct 2009

Have you done it to both sides of the door? Possible option: Change the door opening.

Last option
Start again. You will have to live with it!

Answered 28th Jun 2011

PKL Buildit

Member since 6 Jul 2010

Flush hinges are the only thing you could really do with this if not it's taking the architrave back off but on the plus side with them off you can wedge the lining to get a perfect gap all round the door . Ejs carpentry

Answered 28th Jun 2011

EJS Carpentry

Member since 16 Nov 2008

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