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Hi under where my lock is the wood is disintegrating who can help?

it relates to the door post the wood is almost gone and lock looks like it may loosen off soon too.

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It sounds as though your door frame has been exposed to damp conditions/weather and is suffering from wet rot. If just a small area is affected you could could cut out all the soft wood and glue in a patch repair with a new piece of timber cut to fit and clamped to the frame while the glue sets. This can be sanded down then painted to blend in. If most of the door frame is rotten then its time to remove it all and start again with a new frame! I hope this is helpful.


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Hi Megan, your best bet is to get a Carpenter/Joiner to have a look at it. They will be able to advise you on the best options available for repair.


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Hi Megan,
a carpenter will be able to help you, he/she will just need to scarf in a new piece of wood and refit the lock for you
Post the job on mybuilder and someone should be able to help.
Good luck
Gary (Everybuild)


Answered 27th Jun 2011

I would guess the rot is due to
water ingression, but maybe it is due to ill fitting lock and wear and tear.You will need to have a new piece of frame scarfed in-the bigger the better.Doesn't sound like a big problem unless there is a dry rot or wet problem causing the disintegration.Needs to be looked at.
Charlie Bates Bates Carpentry


Answered 27th Jun 2011

After you've had the doorcase repaired, a piece of flat steel bar - approx 450mm (18") long, 6mm (1/4") thick and as wide as can fit in - fixed INSIDE the doorcase with fixings above and below the part of the lock which sits in the doorcase will dramatically improve the security of the door overall. Anyone kicking the door from outside will only have to fight against an inch of timber, whereas with a steel plate in their way too, the chances are they will give up!
Good Luck with the repair job, sounds like a nice saturday morning job!

All The Best
Dave Woolhouse
Apex Builders


Answered 28th Jun 2011

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