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Bonding to gas and water

i have a 6mm cable from the fuseboard going to my gas and water meter. Does this need upgrading?

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If you want your earth up to date then yes get it done, that answer from ark installations is not correct if you have a earth rod then that should be 10mm, and all earthing does not have to be the same size, your main earth should be 16mm, your earth bonding 10mm and supplementary bonding 4mm.
If you get any electrical work done then you will need a earthing upgrade to certify work.



Answered 27th Jun 2011

You would require 10mm earth to incoming gas and water and it should be connected within 600mm of the stop tap on both water and the gas meter


Answered 26th Jun 2011

It all depends on what earth system you have,

With a tn-c-s system if the contractor and customer agree 6mm than it is fine to leave at 6mm,

If you have a tt system or a tn-s system than it would need to be upgraded to 10mm,

You dont have to have the work done unless you are having your fuse board upgraded,

Its the customers discretion!


Answered 28th Jun 2011

Hi, Do you have same size running to an earthing rod? If so then I believe that this is fine. If you have an earth terminal close to your meter and then from there to your consumer unit and water/gas service pipes then the cable size should be 10mm2. If unsure ask a competent rgistered person to have a quick look see.



Answered 26th Jun 2011

Hi Natalie,

If you were having any modifications to your installation ( new consumer unit or new circuit for example ) then the installer would upgrade your earthing and probably the mains tails for your consumer unit. In some properties it may be very difficult or even not practical to upgrade it ( for example if floors are laminated / tiled and no access is possible without severe disruption. In this case it would be possible to use a very complicated calculation ( called the adiabatic equation ) to justify the earth bonding being in 6 mm.
If it is relatively simple however to upgrade then it should be upgraded to 10mm.

Either way if any notifiable work were to be carried out the cables would be tested and noted accordingly.


NJM Electrical


Answered 26th Jun 2011

hi yes it does need doing its 17th reg to issue a NICEIC cert its a must


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Yes NJM Electrical, absolutey correct !

Main Equipotential Earth Bonding is recommended at 10.00mm, though it's really about all extraneous parts being at the same potential and the resistance betwen parts. vis a vis disconnection timess etc. etc.

Good answer !



Answered 26th Jun 2011



Answered 26th Jun 2011

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