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Do i need a vapour barrier to stop damp and condensation and how do i stop the walls wobbling

Have completely gutted a previous stone barn conversion. The walls are dry lined using plaster board fixed to wood batons (the original ones). The wall is the kitchen where the kitchen units will go and upstairs in the hallway the walls move when you press on them, the nails pop out! (The plaster walls that is). The kitchen fitter has refused to fit the kitchen.

There is no vapour barrier. I have already put up plaster boards and insulated.

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I would suggest to call in a structural engineer/surveyor! If the walls are wobbly thats not good and sounds very unsafe.
I imagine these are solid stone walls and you say wobbly,so externally are you actually see`ing the wall move?
Depending on the structure you may not need a vapour barrier but as your pointing out"you have gutted the barn" not a bad idea to put up a vapour barrier and insulate then re-board.
If you find you are getting any damp or water ingress another option is a membrane system.

Good Luck
Scott Cannon.

Thats fine if there was no damp present then dont panic about the vapour barrier.
Just call someone in to check the structure and stability of the walls!! Be careful not to throw lots of money into making it look nice,then to find your wobbly wall meens you have to start again,

If you meen wobbly as in the odd stone then im sure once re-pointed or re-bedded it will be fine.But if the wall is wobbly it needs to be looked at.

Thinking about it,did you meen the walls being wobbly as in boards moving only through bad fixings to battens??
If this is the case then you will be fine to insulate,board and skim finish.

Be safe and good luck.


Answered 27th Jun 2011

The walls that are poping off plaster were the nails are just punch in nails and fill.This is y its better to screw plaster board to studs.


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Hi, if your stud Walls are moving you will need to find out what size stud work has been used first to see if it needs to be taken down and re built. This should be 4"x2" if any smaller you can ply then plasterboard on top, but a simple site survey by any capable builder should be able to advise you. Hope this helps. Steve


Answered 28th Jun 2011

Covering problems up does not solve the problem no matter what anybody tells you if there is a problem which there is it needs to be sorted I have come across this on a regular bases old property’s are a specialised project not a builder these property’s where made to last the structor from the ground level up
Regards Chris


Answered 13th Jul 2019

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