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Can i connect to a fall pipe with underground drainage pipe of the same diameter as the fall pipe?

I am replacing a pipe that runs from a fall pipe only, draining the roof, to go underground for 1.2 metre to a depth of 350mm, under the garden wall and issues onto a groove in the pavement and then into the gutter. (It could be rodded for any blockages in future directly from the street) And can I make the join without a trap?

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underground pipe starts at 110mm diameter where as downpipe is only 65mm,However you can get an adapter that slots onto a 90 bend which you would have to sit at the base of your downpipe just below the ground,There are allsorts of fittings you can get to enable you to carry out this work without any issues though


Answered 26th Jun 2011

Round downpipe will be 68mm its only square pipe thats 65mm. You just need a universal rainwater adaptor from screwfix! It'll be less than a tenner, and will work for round or square.

Bear in mind you have the chance to catch all the debris from your roof with a modern back inlet gully (trap) rather than throwing it out on to your pavement.

Good luck


Answered 29th Jan 2012

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