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How to raise and support joists in ground floor living room and kitchen to increase head height in cellar.

Inner walls are brick. Ceiling height in living room and kitchen is at present 2.7 metres. There is a supporting wall between and dividing living room and kitchen. At present original joists are set into brickwork, spanning living room to dividing wall, and dividing wall to kitchen.

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To do this job properly would require the existing floor coverings and joists to be cut out and removed and new joists being installed at the new height by chemically fixing timbers to the perimeter Walls with joists running between suspended on metal jiffy hangers at 400mm centres with new or original floor coverings re-fixed afterwards. The only concerns I have is how the change in height will effect the front/back door if relevant and the height of any internal doors? This may be an issue. Do you want me to have a look?

Answered 24th Jun 2011

WB Carpentry&Construction

Member since 24 Jun 2011

rip out ,install appropriate rsj ,reset joists and floors to desired level ,,simples

Answered 24th Jun 2011


Member since 7 Jun 2008


To be honest it would be easier quicker and cheaper to remove the whole floor/floors, chop new joists into the brickwork walls and replace flooring.

You'd have a hell of a job trying to raise two timber floors and keeping everything level etc

Answered 24th Jun 2011

Rebel Carpenter

Member since 24 Sep 2008

I would say it would be impossible to raise orginal joists, it would be easier to completly renew joist to required level,sitting them on joist hangers if walls are soild or you may have to bolt on a suitable timber wall plate around the edge then sitting the joists on jiffey hangers and finally cutting out old floor and joists,
Hope that helps,

Answered 25th Jun 2011

Spirit Level Building Company

Member since 3 Jun 2011

hi can you not dig down to increse head height if that cant be done you can fit new joists higher on steel hangers .
using disc cutter cut slot in brickwork horizontally and bang hanger into slot then same other end of joist cut joist in tight and place joist in hanger and repeat this at 400 hundred centres

Answered 24th Jun 2011


Member since 31 Oct 2008

Hi. How many cm you have to rise the floor to make cellar usefull?
Just make sure the hight you'll take from livingroom is enough to make cellar usefull. Otherwise its doesnt make sense.
There is only one way to do that. You have to build suspended floor using new timber and joist hangers + new floorboards.
Easy job but only for professionals.


Answered 24th Jun 2011

Abbott & Costello Interiors

Member since 6 Sep 2010

Hi there,this isnt going to be an easy project,you need to think a lot of things e.g how much to raise it by,will the electrics & plumbing need to be altered,all internal doors+frames & lintals will need to be raised, then you have to think about the gap between the window ceil/new floor+external doors.
You can bolt a timber wall plate to the externals+dividing walls, set at new height nail joist hangers to the plates ready for new joists, or you can cut new metal joist hangers in to the walls , once you have done this you can do all the other work needed to complete your project e.g electrics/plumbing, flooring,door frames etc.

Answered 25th Jun 2011


Member since 23 Jun 2009

Best To get 3 quotes from builders in your area - not really a job for DIY

All the best Wayne

Answered 25th Jun 2011

Head property maintenance

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You can raise the kitchen and living room floor by up to 300mm,consider first that this is sufficient to warrant the cost and disruption. Removing and refitting the kitchen will involve plumbing and electrical work as well as cabinet removal etc. Before removing floor boards and joists, cut out new pockets in outer walls and also in dividing wall, the dividing wall pockets will need to accomodate joists side by side approx 125-150mm to allow for threading new joists. Without seeing this job I cannot tell if it will be possible to thread joists through dividing wall and in to outer wall pockets. However this is definitely the best way to do it as you will have a solid bearing rather than fixing to walls.If you do have to fix to walls,first ensure that it will comply with structural regs. by asking local building control or by consulting a structural engineer . This will probably be necessary whatever you do .Anyway when you have cut out new pockets then you can remove existing floorboards it may be worth keeping extg. joists in until new joists are in place as they may provide a working platform. Good luck.
Charlie Bates Bates Carpentry and Building

Answered 25th Jun 2011

Bates Carpentry and Building

Member since 23 Jun 2011

Hi, You can support timbers on galvanised timber hangars that are fitted by grinding a slot in the wall and the new joists will sit in the shoe. Mke sure you buy the correct size of joist for the span though, especially if the existing joists are on a sleeper wall (supporting).


Answered 25th Jun 2011

Profurb Construction ltd

Member since 4 Mar 2009

Hard but more so Very expensive, lots of things to consider? Like raising everything else on the ground floor? But the doors would be the main problem as U would either have to raise the frames for a new head height? Windows would be so much lower as well? thats just a couple of points with out going into what happens under the floor to raise it?
may be better to look into lowering the floor in the Celler like so many people do?
If ur serious talk to a surveyor and see what U can do?

Answered 25th Jun 2011

Pimco, property improvement and maintenance co.

Member since 30 Jul 2008

i agree wit Pimco..........
the easiest,quickest cheapest option to raise head height in your cellar is lower the cellar floors.


Answered 25th Jun 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

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