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We are looking at purchasing a bungalow but on the survay is has suggested looking at support over all windows and doors can anyone suggest who to speak to to got this assessed?

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It sounds like they all need lintels installing, the best thing is to get a Builder in your location to quote you the cost then approach the agent to either discount it off the for sale price or the owner gets it sorted before you agree to go ahead.
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Answered 23rd Jun 2011

Hi Bella,

I agree with John, speaking to a local builder should give you an idea of cost to solve the problem, however, your local builder would normally need to take the advice of a structual engineer regarding the size of the works that may need to be carried out at the property.

Although it would cost a few hundred pounds i would employ a local structual engineer directly to give a full report and then gain quotes for the work to be done from a few builders.

This course of action could possibly put you in a very good possition to reduce the cost of the property by either the full amount of the works or possibly more, depending on how good your solicitor is.

I hope you resolve your problem and end up with a safe home.

Kind Regards

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Answered 25th Jun 2011

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