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Pros and cons of conventional and combi boilers...

We have just moved into a 2 bed semi bungalow (with one bathroom) and currently have a (non-running) conventional boiler. We were planning on changing it to a Combi. However our long term plan is to extend the property (inc. building into the roof) and more than likely have at least 2 bathrooms/en-suites.

I am particularly interested on the following points:

1) Is it easy to change a conventional boiler to a combi?
2) If we have a conventional boiler, can we still have a shower that heats water straight away (like a combi boiler would) ?
3) Would we be able to have a pump on the shower with a combi boiler?
4) Would it be acceptable to eventually move the tank downstairs?

Many thanks

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Most conversions (conventional boilers to combi's) are simple enough, the main things to consider are gas supply (must be 22mm to the combi atleast), the condensate run (must run to a drain) and whether you want the boiler position moved. As for a shower pump on a combi system you wouldnt need one as a combi's hot water is run off the mains. You could have a shower fitted on a conventional system that provides instant hot water, but it would have to be electric. Regarding moving the tanks downstairs i would suggest this probably wouldnt be possible, but if u upgrade to a combi, all the tanks would be able to be removed anyway.


Answered 22nd Jun 2011

Many many options and opinions, firstly you would need to make your mind up on what you would like to do with the extension as this will affect what boiler you will require, system requirements etc. secondly you then need to have checks done on the gas, water supplies and location of the boiler. the best advice is decide on the possible future of the house (extensions) then have a experianced engineer come and visit you and show you what opitions you have available. this way you get an idea for prices and a feel for the person whom could be working for you... Lee Our Plumber (East Yorkshire) z


Answered 17th Jul 2011

Taking each point in turn:

1. Changing from conventional to combi should be straighforward BUT the water and gas supplies will need to be checked for pressure / flow first.
2. You could install an electric instantaneous shower that heats up on demand but, like the combi boiler, the water and electricity supplies will need to be checked for suitability first.
3. If you have a combi boiler there is no need for pumped shower supplies as they will already be high pressure.
4. The hot water cylinder could be moved downstairs (space and accessibility permitting)

Hope this helps.


Answered 22nd Jun 2011

There is a combi boiler which has a small storage tank built in, Its rather large and unsightly but it will give you instant hot water at two taps. It wont run two baths but its great to get around everyday combi downfalls.
A great one is the Vaillant 937 store, highly reccommended by myself,
Google this boiler it should suit your needs but bear in mind they are very costly.


Answered 4th Jul 2011

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