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Skim or use lining paper?

Anonymous user 5 November 2013 - 4.17 PM

Hi, I have just removed old wall paper following buying my new house and the walls underneath are a bit scabby. They aren't terrible but you can't exactly paint over them either. I don't know whether it is best to skim or to use lining paper? I'm concerned that lining them I will see all the seams and it bug me as going to paint the walls white (other then feature wall) but I am also on a budget. I really don't know what is best but been told my walls are that bad, seems to be paint on top of plaster following stripping the walls. Thanks

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get 2 prices off 2 decorator's for lining and painting and 2 prices off 2 plasterer's for skimming the wall's ,skimming is far superior to lined walls any decorator will tell you this (even though it takes work off us lol ) the only down fall with skimming is you can lose definition of skirting board's and stair risers


8 February 2015


palmers decorating
Rating: 5 out of 55521 reviews

I would always suggest skimming the walls - looks better and will last longer. Sometimes not much in it with cost when you prep and line the walls right. Hope this helps, Palmers Decorating


8 November 2013



Anonymous user

If the walls are filled and properly prepared, then you can use a high grade lining paper, but the seems together, when dry lightly fill any bad seems, rub down, again lightly, good to go. Good luck, hope this helps, j.p.


5 November 2013


A.M.B. Decorators
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1200grd lining paper when dry emulsion lining paper then fill any seams you not happy with lightly rub down touch up with emulsion you then good to go tip do not cross Line if you only emulsioning walls paper horizontally


4 January 2015