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Level of dpc when building boiler room

Looking to attach a boiler room onto my property 2m x 3m by about 2.5m high with pitched roof, and will be fitted into a corner so only two walls to be built and tied in. The concrete slab I plan building of is approx 300mm below the dpc, I am going to build it single skin concrete block and line it with kingspan and then render the outside. My question is what level should I put in the dpc for the boiler room? And can anyone see any other problems?

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You must put a damp course in when you start your blockwork, and make sure there is no soil against the outside touching the blockwork. Also, you must put a vertical damp against the existing brickwork and new blockwork/kingspan, vertical damp all the way up would not go amiss but not necessary. You also need when rendering to splay the water away from the building at the bottom with angle bead, and added water proofing agent mixed with the rendered would also help.

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Answered 5th Nov 2013

The 300mm you have inside from new slab dpm to existing damp course will need tanking to prevent moistute below damp entering structure if the makes sense .
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Answered 24th Jan 2014

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