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My new rendering has cracked on the corner after one year

Hi guys thanks for your advice, answer for John VL, John I havent told my builder about the absence of the corner bead yet because I am waiting for a report from Weber first, however I was not given a guarentee from the builder due to him being recommended from a relative so I didnt bother, I wish I had, now that its gone wrong of course! My question now is how worried should I be about the amount of rain we have been getting? The crack is protected overhead from the guttering which comes out over it, but if the rain falls against it im worried it will all fall off! and I havent even got quotes yet as Im waiting for the report then I will approach my builder before hiring a new one, but I still do not feel he will come back now. Also how quick do you think the crack will grow! Has anyone got a rough idea if this will be expensive to do???

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Do not paint, pva or Caulk this render, its not a sand cement render and you may not have a leg to stand on, once its been tampered with. Best speak to a Rep from weber to see if the system has been applied correctly. I use alot of weber products and the are very helpful. However if it has not been applied correctly, i would remove it and get some who knows what they are doing.


Answered 24th Jun 2011

Caulk the crack with sealant (depending on size of crack) to make sure water doesnt get in until you have it repaired.


Answered 22nd Jun 2011

Before you seal it paint it with pva to give it some grip and help to waterproof it.

Re: jim w


Answered 23rd Jun 2011

Hi the builder should even tho hasn't verbely garaunteed the work should come and put it right. i would recemmend sealing the crack with an acrylic sealent rather than caulk so water deosnt penatrate. caulk tends to shrink slightly. the crack shouldnt widen to much and as for it comming of this shouldnt happen until the cold weather sets in. IE the frost coming back

Its not an expensive job to repaire but to be put completly right could then see the cost spiral.

thanks john.


Answered 1st Jul 2011

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