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My new render is cracked

Hi guys thanks for all your advice, update is its cracked on the side because there was no corner beading, I think, if Ive described it properly, apparently the corner has to come off, I know it proberly needs to be seen but would it be an expensive job? I found John VLs advice re some sort of v cut out? and repair stuff available, can that apply to this John? Also advice on going back to my builder he does not know the outcome of my weber inspector re the corner bead but he is aware of the crack and does not seem interested in helping us so far and ive no guarentee from him. If he did not apply the corner beading causing the corner to crack am I right to expect him to fix this as Ive just paid him to render the whole house, or am I wrong to ask him to sort it after a year?

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Hi, just remeving all beads from a house now due to rusting (common fault with galvanized beads). If you disc say 100mm eather side of the corner and fit a bead you will always see the joint and it will crack again. You can fit stop beads on the joint, fill with flexible exterior caulk then paint but again you will see it. If there are no beads on the corners what about the window reveals? these may go soon.


Answered 20th Jun 2011

Hi, usually if the crack has been caused through application error, which this sounds like it is with there being no corner bead. Then it is the responsability of the builder to put it. Its there reputation on the line ultimatly.

As for the cutting out of the "v" to repaire. This would be unlikily, but if the crack isnt to deep or wide then you may get away with it.

Have you got intouch with your builder?

thanks john


Answered 20th Jun 2011

take the corner off and put a stainless steel external render bead on should prevent any crakage in future.


Answered 27th Jun 2011

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