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Annoying problem - no pressure in hot water tap (bathroom basin)

All other taps are fine - hot and cold in kitchen, fine - hot and cold on bath, fine, cold water on bathroom basin, fine. But the hot water tap runs at a trickle to the point that it eventually runs out and and stops completely, no water at all.

We had a combi boiler fitted 3 months ago and a couple of radiators replaced. Initially the water pressure to the hot water tap in the kitchen was not so good, it was acceptable but could've been better. When the plumbers came back a couple of weeks later to flush the system, they improved the pressure to the hot water tap in the kitchen, but now the pressure to the hot water tap on the bathroom basin wasn't so good. It's got very much worse over the last month or so to the point that now, the water runs at a trickle and stops completely with no water coming out at all, the tap is practically unusable.

What's causing this and what can I do about it?

Yeah I'd done a bit of research that suggested it could be an air block, but that was always if you had a water tank, which we don't. Interesting about saying there may be a blockage, saying water is slowly getting past the blockage then building up a little pressure, it kind of makes sense.

Is there anything I can do to take the tap off and clean it without cuasing a huge flood - is it just a case of turning the water off at the mains, and how do I actually clean the tap?

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Seen a lot of these, likely to be your tap washer has disintegrated inside the tap. Good news is that because you are on a combi you can get into the tap quite quickly.
Turn off your boiler
Turn off your main water stop cock (tap) where the cold water enters your home, if you can't find it try under the kitchen sink or if you have a water meter it will be very close to that. Failing that you'll need to lift the small access cover outside your property, usually an octagon or a square shape, and turn the water off there. Do make sure it's yours.
Check the water is actually off by opening a tap you know works, kitchen sink usually the best.
Now you can remove the tap top and inspect the washer, if there isn't one look in the hole, it'll be in there somewhere!

Good luck, hope this is helpful


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Trust Plumbing Scarborough

Member since 17 Aug 2010

it initally sounded like an air lock but I doubt it being a combi, does it happen if another tap is on? could be a blockage, when the tap is closed water is slowly getting past the blockage then building up a little pressure thats why you get water at first then it trickles.

Answered 20th Jun 2011

AC plumbing and heating

Member since 9 May 2009

sounds like the tap is blocked,you need to remove the tap and check the flow to see if it is o/k without the tap,if o/k replace tap or clear the blockage, regards Terry.

Answered 20th Jun 2011

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

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