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Painting plaster to ensure layers of paint do not peel off when knocked


I had my walls plastered 10 years ago. I allowed it to dry for a few months and then applied a watered down matt paint and then 2 coats of silk paint. Whenever it is knocked, all 3 layers of paint peel off. I have stripped the paint off the hall, stairs and landing and am ready to paint again. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to go about this - bearing in mind I have 2 messy children and matt paint tends to rub off, and I don't want it all to chip off again.


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Maybe the plaster was not dusted and cleaned enough, also when using a watered down emulsion paint on new plaster use a 50% - 50% and this will sort the problem out, clean the walls thoroughly apply your 50 - 50 solution then apply a silk vinyl paint, don't apply a Matt, silk vinyl is "children proof" lol


Answered 21st Oct 2013

I would properly sand it,fill it,sand all repairs,pass 1 coat of PVA(50/50 with water) on all repairs,then new plaster paint everywhere and after that whatever finish paint you want to use
Hope it works


Answered 28th Sep 2016

Hi here's 3 simple steps to ensure the walls are durable and last as long as you enjoy the colour you put on!
1. Ensure the plaster is dry and dusted down
2. Mist coat the wall with either contract Matt (thinned Matt emulsion) or a Matt emulsion that's been thinned down with water
3. Key the mistcoat and subsequent coats with a high grade sand paper between coats to ensure a good surface for the paint to stick to.
And finally use a durable top coat like Vinyl Matt or a scrubbable emulsion. Acrylic eggshells and silk emulsion also stand the test of time better because they are wipeable.
Hope this helps! Ashley


Answered 15th Feb 2018

I would sand down the walls then polybond it, then apply paint for new plaster and it should be fine


Answered 21st Feb 2014

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