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Whats the best roofing to be used on a flat roof garage?

I am buying this property and the survey has revealed: This is a double tandem garage/workshop attached to the right flank. There is an asphalt flat roof covering to the whole of these areas. Evidence of some lifting and splitting was noted on the asphalt and whilst no penetrating dampness was noted at the time of inspection, this membrane is anticipated to have a limited future life and you should legislate to replace in the near future.There is significant wet rot on the timber framing elements to the rear and rear right and these should be cut out and replaced accordingly.

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I would strip the complete roof covering of including the decking, repair/replace any bad joist.
Lay 18mm ply or osb strand roof decking, with an epdm rubber roof system, one piece fully bonded to decking, finish with all the trims.
Firestone system also do walk way pads and accesories, so as you can lay slabs over, dependent on your roof timbers.
Get a trained installer, who will give a 20yr gaurantee, life expectancy at least 50yr.


Answered 18th Jun 2011

The best roofing method to use in this situation would be a rubber membrane. If installed by decent company it usually comes with a lengthy guarantee. Price wise it would depend on the area and the company but it is usually quite reasonable i would guess at just under a grand. There would more than likely need to be some preliminary work replacing any rotten timber and damaged ply wood.
Hope this helps?


Answered 18th Jun 2011


I would recommend fibre glass or E.P.D.M rubber, They both have a 25 year minimum life expectancy.

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Answered 18th Jun 2011

Some people get confused with Asphalt and felt if its Asphalt it is a very good covering and if worn can be overhauled by a specialist quite easily and if finished with 2 coats of white solar reflective paint could be good for another 10 to 15 years although it will require new solar reflective paint after 5 years a good roofing specialist will be able to guide you better after a full inspection.



Answered 18th Jun 2011

for a garage you cant beat andersons 3 layer torch on felt system fitted correctly this is in my view the the best value for money..
regards daniel at morgan roofing.


Answered 18th Jun 2011

strip the complete roof of including the decking, replace any bad joist.
Lay ply or osb strand roof bords , with underlay an epdm firestone rubber roof system, one piece fully with all the trims.
Firestone system


Answered 26th Apr 2018

A 3 layer torch on system, on a garage roof, is probably the cheapest method, layed down properly, shouldn't have any problems for at least 15 years.
Mark, STAY DRY Roofing.


Answered 29th Jan 2019

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