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How long is it to fit an ensuite into a master bedroom?

Thank you for replying, the nearest (and only) bathroom in the house is approx 20ft away (another bedroom in between master bedroom and bathroom). It would be along an outside wall with the drain pipes running along the outside.
How long would the job take?

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With careful planning and materials on hand probably 7 to 10 days.

Also using a saniflow unit would allow you to drain waste water from toilet, shower & basin away in one run that can go up into the loft space and tie in to existing soil stack.

It will cost around 600 for the unit depending on spec and will cut out all the extra pipe work on the outside of the property.

When balanced against the drilling for waste out and cost of soil pipe and fitting it is a good compromise and will be a lot less messing around running one pipe away discreetly rather than soil pipes on the outside of the house.

I am currently converting a garage into living space and went through this option with client who was lucky enough to be able to tie in to existing drains with minimum fuss and cost.




Answered 15th Jun 2011

the instalation time for the works requested will be 7-10 days, depending on spec requiered, I personaly would not advise the use of a saniflow unit unless it was the only option!! the posibil blockage problems are endless,and yearly servising is a must for the units continued preformance.
Soil pipes are a one of instalation.
Thay may not be pleasing to the eye but work 100% all the time.

regards Ashley


Answered 16th Jun 2011

8-12 days approx, it depends on what level of construction of the space is required and how handy services and wastes are. You are much better off putting in a soil stack arrangement, its maintenance free, makes no noise at 2am when your sound asleep and can often be situated and run if the people you work with have imagination and are good at improvisation.
Regards Jamie


Answered 16th Jun 2011

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