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Rcd fuse in fuse box

RCD fuse in the fuse box (32amp) has gone green and the fuse keeps tripping out. In aligns with the cooker, does it need replacing please?

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So is it the RCD or the 32A circuit breaker(fuse) or do you have an 32A RCBO serving the cooker.
Keeps on tripping out/ So why does it keep tripping out?
It would only need replacing if tripping out because it is faulty.
If it is not tripping out because it is faulty then it is tripping out because it is doing its job. In which case you have a faulty circuit or a faulty appliance.
So to cut a long story short you need to get in somebody competent to isolate the problem and take appropriate action.


Answered 15th Sep 2013

hi , it sounds like the cooker has gone faulty , get a local sparky to come and check your rcd with a meter to check it works as it should , hope this helps , jeh


Answered 15th Sep 2013

If the RCD is tripping its doing it for a reason! as there is a fault on the circuit. It sounds like you suspect it is the oven, which points towards a faulty oven element.

Its quite common for oven elements to go faulty. Best advise is to get an appliance electrician in to carry out some tests on the oven, confirm the fault and if required fit a new element etc.

Whilst there is a very small chance that the RCD itself is faulty its 90% likely to be the cooker or some other electrical appliance that's gone faulty.


Answered 16th Sep 2013

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