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Have a small leak coming down my bathroom wall.

The leak is by the shower/tap area have had a plumber out who resealed everything. The leak still seems to be there he thought it may be water getting behind the tiles (bath/shower area is tiled) Help anyone? Thanks

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if you post a picture this will help as it could be a number of things

Leak from pipework behind tiles?




Answered 14th Jun 2011

can you look under the shower? if not anything that has been screwed to the tiles just check no water can get behind, ie the shower fitting itself,water can run down the tiles and behind the fittings, when you resealed did you remove all the old sealent or go over it? what is the grouting like?
hope this helps


Answered 15th Jun 2011

I get a lot of call outs for this issue and I find resealing the silicone sealant correctly, solves the leaks on most occasions. If this has been done properly but it is still leaking I find the tiling to be allowing water to pass through inadequate/worn grouting to be the next most common issue. Try pressing the tiles to see if they have any movement, if so they will need refitting to the wall and fresh grout applied. Hope this helps.


Answered 18th Jun 2011

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