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Roof lining repair problem outlined in property survey

I've just received the survey back on a property that I would like to buy, but the surveyor has said "The roof lining is torn at the front and requires repair to reduce the likelihood of rain water entering the roof void". He's gone on to say that "such work will mean stripping and replacing some or all of the roof covering, which can be disruptive and expensive."

He's also said "As the covering is in good repair and providing regular checks and any necessary weather-proofing repairs are undertaken, the work is not justifiable at present. You should accept that maintenance costs will be above average until a complete new lining is introduced".

How serious a problem is this? Would it be expensive to rectify? Would you think it is still worth proceeding to buy this house? And when it's said that maintenance costs will be above average, what kind of maintenance would it need?

Thanks very much.

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your suryor, doesnt really seem to know what he wants,
in one sentence he is saying you need a stipe and relay this will set you back a few thousand.
in the next sentence he is saying your roof just needs a repair which can be from a few hundred to thousands depending on how much of the roof needs repair.
this is a definte case of making sure his arse is covered.
personally I would be asking him to clarify if the roof need a new lining or not easy enough question do I need to replace the felt, yes or no.
depending on his answer in writing will tell you if its going to cost just an arm or both arms and a leg.
good luck alex

Answered 13th Sep 2013

ADR Property Maintenance

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