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Moving electicity meter from stud wall to external wall


I'm moving into a house in the next few weeks that requires a full rewire (job posted on site) but the fuse box & meter are mounted on a stud wall in the kitchen.

The mention stud wall is going to be coming down to make a kitchen/diner so the fuse box and meter will need moving. I'd like to move the meter outside to an external wall close to where I'll also be putting a new gas meter.

The question I have is should I have all this done prior to the rewire taking place or is it something that can be done as part of the rewire? I can't figure out how this would be done as the fuse box would need moving at the same time, wouldn't it?

Also I'm pretty sure the answer to the following question is yes, but would it also be easier for the electrician for me to take down the stud walls I want to remove, prior to the rewire?

This is my 1st house so any advice is appreciated.


**Thanks for the responses, I'll have an electrician look at the rewire and then decide on which way round to do it then.

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If the mains electrical cable coming in from the street runs to this cupboard and you're looking at getting this moved, then you're looking at quite a hefty sum of money! It can only be carried out by the Distribution Network Operator and could easily be £2000-£3000.

As they will only re-energise and connect the cable to a good installation that has a recent electrical certificate, you'd be best off getting the rewiring done and the fuseboard moved first. Your electrician can run a temporary power cable from the old meter position to the new fuseboard to keep things working while you wait for the DNO to carry out the work. If your in the UKPN area, typically the lead time is 8 to 12 weeks and you have to pay in full up front.


Answered 7th Sep 2013

Yes I would ring supplier, and when its moved, they would just change the incoming supply to reach the old fuse board and it would be a temporary set up in trunking until you sort out the rewire. well just ring supplier and ask for a onsite assessment and see what they say first .


Answered 7th Sep 2013

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