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Roots of lime trees growing under foundations

I have three lime trees very close to my property (the closest is 1.4m, the furthest is 3m) and the roots are growing under my foundations. As I live in a conservation area, any questions re. the trees usually results in a TPO being applied by the local council. I would appreciate some advice on how best to get the permission to remove these trees. Clearly they can't be doing the building any good.

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Try to speak to other people that live near your property and see if the trees are a problem to them too. If you have spoke to the council and they are doing nothing, then a solicitors letter backed up with support from your neighbours will let the council know you're not messing around, if the trees are damaging property and the council won't help, this means they will have to pay to get your house fixed AND the trees removed.


Answered 20th Nov 2013

Tree roots only tend to be major problem when your sub soils are clay, especially high shrinkable clay, otherwise your house should be fine.
However, being in a conservation area automatically protects the trees. I would recommend your first port of call being the Tree Officer in the council - get them round for their advice and guidance, there should be no cost for this service. If they are happy with the removal then make the application, if they are not then you will be taking a risk with an application.
hope that helps


Answered 6th Sep 2013


Limes or Tillia Europea will build substantial buttress roots as they grow for reinforcement. A we know, trees are slow growing mighty entities and indeed close proximity to your property is conducive to detriment and damage of the houses structure.

Assuming you own the property, you will require a list of factors for an application to the district council.

1. Photograph the trees and their offending root plates. (Be sure to highlight any property damage)

2. Include a brief transcript of your intentions and concerns.

Finally copy yourself into the email you send for your records.

A response from the district council tree officer will typically follow withing a few days depending on how busy they are.

I hope this is helpful to you

Kind regards


Answered 22nd Dec 2018

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