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Hi, so I have a garage which according to plans (yet to dig down) has 1 metre footings. I am knocking the garage down to build a 2 storey extension, I have been told that I can use the existing footing for my new extension which is great - however, the new building will be slightly bigger than the existing footings, so is it relatively straight forward to connect new footings to existing?

and what kind of prep work will need to happen to the existing base for it to be built on?

Many thanks

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Dig your new footings, min 1m deep, and to satisfy building control.
When you expose existing foundations, normal practise is to drill holes into it then insert rebar, ipoxy resined in, leave bars protruding so as they tie into new concrete foundations.
Building control will advise more, as they will need to inspect footings before pouring the concrete.


Answered 13th Jun 2011

what bjd building said is spot on this is the only way to do it

thanks lee


Answered 13th Jun 2011

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