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Desperate to be given a chance....

Hi, Thanks for your suggestions below, I'm almost 17 and live in the Glasgow area, I've tried the personal apporach by handing in my CV direct to companies, calling them and mailing them, unfortunately the problem seems to be lack of apprenticeships in the West of name is Crawford Forrest and I'm looking for a Joinery apprenticeship, I'd be grateful to be considered, should any of your members decide to recruit an apprentice this year.

I'm happy to send my CV and a letter from 'Construction Skills' to show I have sat and passed their selection programme.

Thanks again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Any advice is very much appreciated.

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Hi Crawford,
You are on the wrong site, but if someone here is looking for an apprentice it would help if you enclosed the area you are from, or prepared to travel to.
I know of people that have posted similar to you on the Screwfix talk forum and have got lucky, maybe try there.

In response to ADR
Yes we can all read.
Crawford has edited his post, since we all answered his original post didnt include the area or where he was from, plus he has added more info, which is exactly what myself and 2 others said.


Answered 15th Jun 2011

Hi Crawford, Have you ever just tried picking up the your local directory and just giving a specific company a call. Talking to someone directly has a completely different affect then just leaving your details and if your bright, bubbly, smart, articulate then thats exactly what they get.

I wish you luck on your quest.


Tony Buckley


Answered 13th Jun 2011

hello i am ian cooper of bedfordshire builders ltd
b.j.d. builders are so very right can you pls let us know were you are from in the uk
and age we will go from there thank you ian j cooper.


Answered 13th Jun 2011

hi crawford,
sorry your are having a bad time but as you can see from the replies very few people can read, as you clearly state your from GLASGOW and you have already TRIED THE PERSONEL APROACH. good luck


Answered 15th Jun 2011

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